Who We Are?

Expert Custom Handcrafted Builders. Whether you are building your dream home, creating a vacation home, or creating a home for your loved ones, custom-built homes are the way to go. Custom designed homes allow owners to control layout, lot size, and accessibility of the house. You can choose your design, space, hygienic, or cautionary requirements for your house and turn it into a home. Custom-built homes are more beautiful and popular than normal houses, not to mention more affordable. Mountain View Custom Homes will create your dream home. Stop looking around and hire us, the experienced custom home builders.

Kenny - Owner

I started my career as a carpenter at the age of 15. I worked my way through various carpentry positions until I landed in the home building industry, where I worked building starter homes, which transitioned into multi-million custom homes. From there, I transitioned into multifamily, where I quickly climbed the corporate ladder and became a construction manager overseeing multiple apartments, mixed-use, small commercial, and townhome projects.

I managed several mainstream multifamily builders until setting out on my own in 2019 again after putting my aspirations on hold to start a family. I now specialize in design-build and custom homes and pride myself on helping people build their idea of a dream home. My experience has seen me involved from land purchase through design, tender, overall site developments, and all aspects of construction to service and warranty, allowing me to take any project from start to finish. I have a 20-year career overseeing and building projects from 250k to 80 million. Give us a call because we have the best price and we do quality work.

Team Members

Randy - Renovation Project Manager

Steve - Framing Project Manager